Thursday, July 23rd

Paul Bunyan Original Logging Camp BreakfastAll You Can Eat Breakfast
-Served Lumberjack Style-

Wisconsin Dells


Finally, a reason to set your alarm clock for 7 AM.  That’s when the Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty starts serving Breakfast and we don’t stop until Noon.  Dining alone or with a big group, there is no need for reservations.  We have 2 large dining rooms that allow us to get people in and seated quickly.

You get it all!

Pancakes, Camp Fried Potatoes, Scrambled Eggs, Ham, Sausage, Kielbasa and Biscuits & Gravy.
Complimentary beverages include Coffee, Hot Tea, Milk, Orange and Apple Juice.
Adults are $10.97
Kids .89 cents/year
2-3 yrs old only 2.99